Reasons to visit Yenokavan in 2018

Top reasons to visit Yenokavan

Yenokavan is a small community in Tavush region about 7km from Ijevan. Landscapes of peerless beauty, adrenaline-pumping adventure activities and great atmosphere give it tons of natural advantages making it a must-visit place in Armenia for a unique vacation no matter you are a solo traveler, you travel with family or friends. Here are the greatest reasons why you should visit Yenokavan in 2018.

#1 well located

One of the most significant advantages of Yenokavan is how it is located. It is just 2 hours to drive from Yerevan (distance 142km) and about 1h 20min from Sevan lake. And If you are staying overnight here for a couple of days, it does not mean you are limited to local activities. In neighboring communities you can find old monasteries, such as Goshavank (34km), Makaravank (27km), Moro Dzoro Vanq (16km) surrounded by picturesque landscapes, or just spend a couple of hours wondering in Ijevan across the Aghstev river and botanical garden.
In 110km away from Yenokavan you can reach two of UNESCO world heritage sites of Armenia, monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin.

Also, if you are traveling to or from Tbilisi, Yenokavan is a wonderful place to take a stop. By the way, you do not even have to worry about how to get to mentioned destinations. Local tourist properties offer transfer services.

Yenokavan is well located

#2 all season destination

The community enjoys a temperate weather all year long : the average temperature in summer is + 22°C and -2°C in the winter. The cool thing is that even on the rainy season, it won’t rain more than a couple of hours each day. Then you can take a cup of local mint tea or coffee enjoying an incredibly amazing view of the running fog across meadows and mountains. And can you imagine the dreamlike beauty of local landscapes in colorful autumn or flourishing fall .. mm … fantastic. By the way, if you are annoyed by all the crowds in high season, autumn and winter form a relatively calm period to visit Yenokavan keeping all tourist services active.

Depending on what you are looking for, you have different options of overnight stay here. Aland resort with wooden houses and rooms in a stone building. Another building is under construction to host more visitors. Apaga resort has 12 cottages with a great view to amazing mountains. Also, this resort offers horseback riding tours. For the wild rest lovers, there are wooden tree houses on the way to Lastiver.

All season destination

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#3 family-friendly destination

When traveling as family, you do not have but visit Yenokavan. Amusement area for kids, horseback riding, different interactive master-classes and remarkable nature are a part of how wonderful your travel experience can be. Adventure activities can also be interesting for children. By the way, as an eco village, Yenokavan offers a fantastic tourist experience to kids. They have a chance to discover different domestic animals, such as cows, pigs, goose, or see how different vegetables and fruits are grown in villagers’ gardens. The kids even have possibility to take part of real little gardening activities. Such a colorful and impressive memories afterword, aren’t they?
Another good news for parents: if ever you decide to take part in tourist activities you do not want your kids do, local tourist properties offer baby-sitting services to make your stay as much comfortable as possible.

Family destination Yenokavan

#4 the place of the first adventure amusement park in Armenia

If you love height, speed, physical activities and adrenaline, then you are in a right place. Yenokavan is welcome community for extreme lovers. As the first adventure amusement park in Armenia, Yell Extreme Park gives an opportunity to choose from a variety of extreme activities without being a professional.

You can get the ultimate adrenaline rush in a Zipline at about 200-300 m above the ground while securely attached to a safety harness. Paragliding over marvelous landscapes is another overwhelming experience you can have when visiting Yenokavan in a mild weather. Zorbing, off-road tours and mountain biking will offer tones of emotions and adrenaline. Also, rock climbing and via ferrata are here to offer an awesome experience to the most courageous visitors of the park. By the way, in the area of the Park, there are 5 small stone houses. If you are traveling with friends, you can sum up the day by sharing impressions with a cup of wine around a bonfire accompanied by guitar music.

#5 riding tours 

Hiking to Lastiver is a must once you are in Yenokavan. Fantastic nature, mysterious cave and the little waterfall worth to walk about 3km to reach them.

For equine enthusiasts there are few better ways of experiencing breathtaking nature than with horseback riding. Horseback riding tours of different duration and distance are available making it possible to share that passion and make the memories stay with you for a lifetime. The most passionate people take horseback riding tours even to Alaverdi, Dilijan and Sevan.

horseback riding tours Armenia

#6 Yenokavan festivals in 2018

HayBuis Armenian Herb Festival

When : June 30, 2018
Tickets : Available

«We protect what we love. We love what we know»

HayBuis, Festival of Armenian Herbs, is an annual festival held in Yenokavan. The purpose of “HayBuis” is to teach rational use of grasses of the highlands in everyday life and to support a healthy lifestyle, develop ecological thinking. It forms the ability and desire to actively protect the nature of the native land. It is a multifunctional festival with differentiated master classes and lectures on all subjects: architecture, remnants, fair industry, medicine education, music, art and others. The festival takes place on the huge territory of a beautiful place – a vast meadow surrounded by forest. On different areas there are variety of master classes, theatrical performances, educational excursions, music programs and equestrian show. All guests of the festival take part in preparing the largest Armenian roll – «brtuch» of Armenian lavash, Armenian herbs and cheeses produced in different parts of the country and different countries. Cheeses from other countries are presented at the festival by Embassies and Consulates of these countries. This is a must-visit festival especially for young people and families with children of different ages.

Yell Extreme Park birthday

When : July 21-22, 2018
Tickets: available

Another must attend fest in Armenia is organized in Yenokavan. For the first time this year, Yell extreme park’s birthday will take place 2 days offering adventure lovers two days full of adrenaline, extreme activities and tones of positive emotions. All activities of the Park will be open to visitors. Extreme games, quests, amazing concert and after party are expected. Different «tasty» zones will serve the festival visitors. Special Yell cocktail expected 😉 

yell extreme park birthday

7# do nothing but enjoy the landscapes

If you enjoy nature and landscapes, you are in a right place in Yenokavan. Yes, a couple of days in a peaceful area will fill you with positive energy for a long time to go. This is a chance to admire the dreamlike mountains, colors and changing shadows of the horizon. This is how this wonderful place attracts yogis. In 2017, 15 groups of yogis have chosen Yenokavan for yoga classes.

To sum up, let me trust you a secret. You should visit Yenokavan not because it is the best place on the Planet but there is a particular spirit in this area you won’t find elsewhere in the world no matter how exigent traveler you are.

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