Yenokavan Development Foundation

Yenokavan Development Foundation was established in 2015. The Board of Trustees consists of 25 people (residents of the community). The Foundation’s main purpose, elaborated in Yenokavan Development Strategy, is to raise living standards of the community inhabitants and to create favorable conditions to develop tourism and attract small and medium businesses. 

YDF’s goal is to develop a community of values, so that every traditional family would live here. Also, it seeks to make Yenokavan one of the top places to visit in the world.

Currently YDF elaborates various development and improvement programs with strong short, mid and long-term impact not only on Yenokavan, but also on the neighboring communities development. For YDF, youth employment and willingness to stay in the village is another key factor of development. To that end, the foundation highlights the importance of ensuring quality education at school and out-of-school development to make youth competitive in the tourism-related areas.
Another key component of Yenokavan Development Strategy implementation is the Master plan of the community that will “force” existing and new businesses abide the rules of urban development.

Yenokavan Development Foundation

Education and Out-of-School Development

Youth and Women Employment Opportunities

Community Infrastructure Development

Tourism Development

Agriculture Development