Investment Projects

As one of the world’s largest industries, tourism has become a significant source of Yenokavan community employment and economic output leading to adjacent industries development. Since 2008, $7.6 mln were invested in the community’s tourism assets and  community infrastructure by private investors. Hence, Yenokavan is becoming one of top destinations in Armenia offering a large variety of tourism services ensuring a stable growth of visitors in the community since 2008 (20% average). The community received about 55 000 visitors in 2017. This traffic growth creates significant additional demand for agricultural products and processed products (fruit and vegetables, dairy production, meat etc), as well as increases the importance of investments in infrastructure facilities of community.

To this end, the Foundation is cooperating with different entities and is elaborating various projects that cover the overall Yenokavan Development Strategy. Projects include but are not limited to tourism, agriculture, infrastructure improvement, education and culture etc. The vision for investments in tourism and related projects in Yenokavan is to boost the community’s competitiveness and promote growth, revenues and employment within extreme tourism, agritourism, and nature tourism.