Tourism Development in Yenokavan

Tourism industry has become one of the key sectors for community development with an important effect not only on the social and economic factors, but also on living style of Yenokavan inhabitants. Thanks to significant investments made by private investors since 2009, more diversified tourism services are being offered by local businesses offering better tourist experience to the community visitors. This makes Yenokavan one of top places to visit in Armenia reaching visitors number to 55 000 in 2017. Yenokavan Development Foundation aims at increasing the number of visitors annually to 250 000 by 2025. The growing flow of tourists is involving local people in tourism sector in different ways:

  • Working in local tourism businesses (hotels, Yell Extreme park, restaurants etc) or in infrastructure development projects.
  • Hosting visitors in guest houses where community visitors can have overnight at affordable prices experiencing all possible local tourism activities
  • Supplying agricultural products to local tourism businesses
  • Creating handmade products for sale in a souvenirs shop thus contributing to Yenokavan brand development.